The Difference Between a Private Label and White Label ATS

White label software, or private label, brandable, or rebranded software, is not limited to one type of company or industry. For example, companies that offer complementary products may use white label goods along with companies that don’t develop products at all. Let’s explore three common ways an organization may choose to use it.

  • White label services like marketing automation can help your clients to use multiple channels to reach their target audience.
  • If they can offer a lower price and you are selling the same white label products, you know that the SMB is probably going to choose the more cost-effective option.
  • However, in the case of white label marketing, a product or service can be provided to multiple resellers, each of them rebranding the same thing as their own.
  • Answering this question with examples is probably the most helpful.
  • Private-label can look and feel like an entirely unique product of a certain reseller.

For one, having everything branded in the same way looks a lot better when presenting to clients or prospects. This is why many service providers build their own solutions to sell to their customers. This way, they can offer valuable services to their customers branded with their own company names, logos, domain URLs, and their own contact information.

Key differences (white label vs private label)

When you reach that level of volume, you may have reached a level where you no longer need contract service providers and can cost-effectively hire your own staff to deliver the service on your own. White-label products help you start an ecommerce business fast. A private brand is a good that is manufactured for and sold under the name of a specific retailer and competes with brand-name products. The concept of white labeling comes with numerous considerations, both positive and negative.

Some others like Vendasta operate in a wide range of businesses. The key difference is that white-label banking products or services are generally uncustomized whilst private-label ones provide more customization options. In banking, white-label solutions usually are the go-to choice as the customization of banking products and services is complex. A full-featured ecommerce platform requires extensive resources to build. But with a white-label ecommerce SaaS solution, marketing agencies can quickly open and launch online businesses for their clients. Magento, Ecwid, and of course, Shopify, offer white-label services.

software private label or white label solutions

When we first pivoted from largely direct recruiting to our current business model, we initially marketed ourselves as a white label applicant tracking system. This way, you can start earning almost immediately and the only thing you’ll have to worry about is building your business strategy and product marketing. Besides, sometimes even already established companies require changes and a shift to white label ad tech platform. Private label business models are widely used in the beauty industry, manufacturing, and outfit production. It is often more affordable to get these products via private labeling. In the case of white label, you lose exclusivity, meaning the provider can produce the same service for you and others, while all that changes is the label.

When Should You Choose Private-Label Products?

In general terms, White-label or ‘Private Label’ software is a type of software that is delivered as an extension of your company’s services and brand. Organizations can buy ready-made applications to use under their own brand in a variety of ways. SaaS platforms, in which program rights are leased or licensed over a subscription period, are on the way.

software private label or white label solutions

When it comes to backup as a service ordisaster recovery as a service , service providers know that their customers will trust a branded offering powered by Acronis. If there is a problem with the white label products you’re selling, the customer will place the blame on you—because your logo is on it. If so, then the next step should be a process of comparing white labeling companies and software suppliers and vetting them out until you find the right match for your company. Use this guide to help you decipher between a good and bad partner.

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For service providers who want to start offering new or improved data protection services, the Acronis Backup Cloud is the perfect place to begin. The multi-tenant white-label backup-as-a-service solution is scalable and easy to use. White label software solutions enable service providers to easily build value into their own brand, and deliver services their customers will stick around for.

software private label or white label solutions

White label software also comes with learning and training time, but the process is significantly shorter. Indeed, many software owners already have training materials, FAQs, and a support team to help customers through the product. The white-label solution is the best choice when a low price and speed to the market are of high priority. Speed start brokerage with white label software is especially important for technology, banking, and other complex sectors, where the process of developing a new solution may take months or even years. In both cases, a reselling company is in full control of advertising and marketing. Private-label means high levels of customization to all aspects of banking products and services.

How to white label a product is the same process as white labeling a service. For example, if you want to provide digital marketing services to your clients, white-label SEO software can prove helpful in expanding your offerings. The same goes for white-label email marketing solutions or white-label social media tools. Most providers offer white-label SaaS products, meaning you can get a package deal for all needed additions to your portfolio. White labeling allows you to offer a product with your branding on it relatively quickly.

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