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Cuban Wedding Customs

Traditionally, Cuban wedding customs focus on strong family jewelry and friendliness. These practices are meant to get people alongside one another and allow them to start a new life collectively.

The bride’s dress is an important component of a Cuban wedding. It will always be made of satin or man made fibre. It may experience ruffles or perhaps floral facts. The dress ought to be lavish and indulgent.

The astrology and online dating wedding wedding is also important. It is the ceremony where the bride and groom put on their wedding bands. These bands reduce the chances of bad mood and represent the beginning of their particular married life. The groom’s parents generally give a big present to the newlyweds.


The woman and groom’s group sometimes pays for the expense of the marriage ceremony. They may choose to have it officiated by a assess. These events are a big undertaking.

The bride and groom frequently give small gifts to their friends. These may include ribbons with the labels of the bride and groom on them. The gifts are usually hand made and advise friends of their content occasion.

The wedding reception is likewise an important a part of a Cuban wedding. Music and dancing are key features within the event. The reception often takes place in a hotel or restaurant. It may be similar hotel when the wedding or a distinctive location. A mariachi group or a Spanish guitarist can add to the entertaining.

The cash dance is another tradition. It is additionally called the El Baile del Billete. Friends pin little numbers of money onto the bride’s apparel. This money is supposed to help the newlyweds with their honeymoon vacation expenses.

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